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Yeah, exactly. I want my mom to have as much of the gutenberg/blackmask dvd as possible on the sd card.

My parents are not really that good with computers, so I want her to have enough to read for a lifetime just in case they never figure out how to load it up again, hehe.

I have a 4GB card myself and it is loaded to the brim. I think I have enough to read for 3 lifetimes (but my retired mom has more time to read of course). It is slow to index (about 10 minutes or so), but I've only had to reindex it twice: once when I added some purchased books through sony's connect software and the other when I popped out the sd card when the reader was off (BIG MISTAKE) to show a friend. It is a bit of a PITA to find the book I want when I have to go through 150+ pages of books, but it usually takes me a week or so to read a novel anyway.

I don't think I'll be adding books all that often any more. I probably won't hook it back up to the usb but one more time for the next 6 months (to purchase the remaining sci-fi short story compilations on the sony store - I just love short story sci-fi). Btw, I charge up about once every three weeks or so, depending on if I use it as a mp3 player when I'm at the gym.

take care.

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