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Looking for Linux PDF editing tools for DX format

Hello you all,

I find the DX's PDF viewer deficient. It really needs zoom and pan ability. I hope Amazon gets their collective head out of their collective butt and fixes this problem.

Until then I was thinking that reformatting PDF files for viewing on the DX would help a lot. With that in mind I am asking for suggestions for Linux PDF editing tools.

The kind of PDF editing I'm talking about is dealing with books that have been scanned in as images. If I could removed the boarder areas that would help a lot. Also, perhaps cutting individual pages up into peaces that would fit integrally sideways on the DX would help, especially if I can keep figures from getting cut in half. Furthermore, some of my PDFs need to be de-skewed. To do any or all of this automatically through the entire book would be great.

What are the best tools for Linux to do this kind of work? Is anybody else trying to do similar things?


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