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failed updates

Every script I try booting with says it fails. The .bin file is deleted when it comes back up but no changes were made. I've installed the screensaver bin which worked. Then I just put a .sh file with nothing between 2 and 100% complete except for stuff like:

cp /etc/prettyversion.txt /mnt/us/prettyversion.txt
ln -s / /mnt/us/rootdir
ls -R / > /mnt/us/dirlisting.txt

but it always fails, can someone point a noob in the right direction? I guess an SSH is where I'm headed but for now I'd settle for being able to see a snapshot of the file system. I've got 2.0.3 updated installed if that matters.

The projects I had in mind (and are maybe in work by some of you) is automounting a thumbdrive to /mnt/us on reboot if detected, and digging in to see if the location can be obtained from the 3g card.
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