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Librie RSS Reader (Windows GUI) v0.31b

Hello again!

I've updated the program again, (since I use it everyday, there are many things that I add to try to make it better) and now it is much more reliable. It now also has options to set the Font Face Name to one of the following:

Dutch801 Rm BT Roman
Swis721 BT Roman

If i'm not wrong, the last two are fonts that are available on the Sony Reader so I imagine, the compiled books should also work on the Reader. (Maybe someone could try and let me know. )

As an RSS extractor, it should be able to read most feeds from any site. Haven't yet found one that doesn't work. Then again, I haven't tried a lot of feed, only the ones that I use.

The program can be found at the Yahoo Librié Group file section under content generation.

Any feedback is welcome.

Jerome Tay
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