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I am new to converting some of my classic books for my PRS-505 ebook reader.

I noticed when I found your wonderfully edited Jane Austen eBooks that you have figured out how to retain the emdash using BookDesigner.

Can you tell me your method?

I have followed the instructions for:
Book Cleaner files v1.7 2009-02-20

The emdash is retained, but I my images are lost when I load the book into BookDesigner.

Can you help me with the problem?


I found my own answer in previous postings on this subject. So, thanks in advance. I'm successfully using the work-around of replacing the emdash with @@ in my rtf, opening it in BD, and then doing a search and replace, replacing the emdash back in place of the @@. Finally, making the lrf file.

What a simple fix.

Thanks for the wonderful volumes--and your help.

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