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Originally Posted by sirbruce View Post
You have to Restart the device to get rid of it. Note that this is what caused a "bug" on Kindle 2, only we couldn't see the ruler then so we didn't know what was wrong, it just screwed up the image viewer.
I think I got it working actually. Thank you!

Maybe what I was doing as restart (holding power for 4+ seconds) wasn't actually restarting.

I held power, then held home until I got the recovery mode screen, hit "R" to escape out of recovery mode, and I got a "your kindle is starting up message" that I haven't seen before (not the normal starting up "bar"). And now I see everything ok.

Is there a "refresh" for documents, like the Alt-Z for images?

When I restarted the only things I could see were the image folders, gave me a scare there but after a little bit, my personal documents are back on there.
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