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Originally Posted by Drevil123 View Post

I am a great fan of the Kindle silicone case from Mivizu, so i contacted them yesterday to see if they will be making more silicone cases for the Kindle 2. They told me they are not but will be rolling our with something a lot better(didn't specify what, I'm assuming it is top secret stuff lol)

Anyway, they redirected me to some niceeeeeeeeee leather cases they just rolled out. I know a lot of people are crazy about the M-edge cases but I feel that they add wayy too much bulk. My wife uses the M-edge but I do not see a point on a bulky case when the Kindle 2 is nice and slim. They assured that these cases are genuine leather and it also comes with a book light. I will order mine this week when my pay check clears and will post pictures.

The link is:

By the way I decided to buy the Kindle 2 instead of the DX thanks for the input guys!
Thanks for this link. I just returned my Sony 505 (Yikes, I know I'm gonna get clobbered) in favor of a Kindle 2. I love this cover as a potential future purchase - in the lovely Red Croc! It has been mentioned that the red leather coloring might rub off and I'm wondering if a screen protector would help...probably and if combined with a decal it should be A-okay!
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