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Originally Posted by sirbruce View Post
I really don't understand the type of meetings you go to. In the ones I'm at, if there is documentation you have to refer to individually, it's usually multiple pages, viewed every few minutes. Pretty rare we'd stare at the same page for 10 minutes, then be expected to refer to the same page again with no intervening pages 30 minutes later. Furthermore, the wake up takes all of 5 seconds every 10 minutes max, so I really don't understand why 30 seconds out of an hour meeting worst case would be a problem.

It sounds like you're just trying to justify a decision you've already made.

I guess I could take the time to explain - but the reality is I know what would work for me and what wouldn't. With respect - you don't. Trust me - if you could disable the sleep mode so whatever pdf I am using for a meeting would stay on the screen indefinitely I would be ordering a DX today.

But seriously - thanks for your help.
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