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Originally Posted by jakeluck
I read emails/rss twice a day, hence all the updating. Jashsu, so the card slot has longer designed life, now just have to deal with that flimsy rubber connector.
Oh yeah. That rubber hinge probably won't last more than 5k open/closes or so, imho. Could be wrong though, as I don't know what kind of material is used. Even if it breaks off, that should be no more than an aesthetic defect.

In addition to the mini-USB, the dock connector should have 5k duty cycles. One thing to note: if you are a dock user, be careful placing the reader on the dock. I've seen a dock at Borders where part of the connector was bent, rendering it unusable. That won't damage the reader, but at $50 a pop, those docks are kind of a rip-off.
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