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Originally Posted by jakeluck
until we have wireless, reading daily feeds means at least 4 times plug/unplug of the USB cable or 4 times insert/eject of the memory card. which mechanism is better suited this type of wear and tear?
This line of thought probably borders on the extremely paranoid, but i'll indulge it anyway . Memory card interfaces are rated about 15k-20k duty cycles (assume you remove and reinsert once a day until it gives up the ghost, about 40 to 50 years). The USB interface is rated between 1-5k cycles (3-15 years). If you are beyond paranoid, what you can do is insert the Memory Stick Duo adapter into the MS slot, and then insert and remove the Duo without removing the adapter. Any wear and tear from removal of the Duo would be on the adapter, not on the Reader. Caution: you would have to remove the Duo with tweezers and exert a counteracting force on the adapter, as the MS slot is a push-remove type, so any pulling force on the adapter might potentially damage the MS slot's push-remove spring mechanism.

Realistically, your Reader is more likely to die of other reasons. My bet is on the E-ink or accidental physical trauma.
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