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That was my fear... It is so stupid... I mean, the cards could hold a lot more books in the simple formats that the device is compatible with than I am trying to put in it, why make a device that can support upto 16gb (between two cards) and yet make it incapable of processing the menus for the number of books those cards can hold.

What a huge design flaw... The whole selling point is that you can take your library with you... I have way more than 470 actual books yet this device craps out with only half of one of it's cards full.

I do not doubt the code, I was hoping to get a copy of the xml so that I could keep it and keep recopying it to the device in the hopes that the reader would some day just get it... I am going to copying it out of the device after the books copy over, before I detatch it from my machine. I will let you know if I have any issue getting the XML. Thanks for all your help.
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