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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Try the following in the calibre directory:

rm -rf build/* src/calibre/plugins/* && python build_ext

If that completes successfully, then try the build and install steps

The command does not complete successfully and since you did not ask for the possible error output from the command you just asked me to use I won't post the error messages in this post. Actually, I should state that I'm using slackware-current 64 bit linux which is not a stable release so it could possibly be the fault of the linux distro I'm using and not the fault of calibre I suppose (or it could be my fault by possibly not compiling the dependency packages with the right configuration options) . Only reason why I'm using the -current tag release is because slackware 12.2 does not have 64 bit support only the next release of slackware will support 64 bit processors. Although not a stable official release so far slackware-current has given no other problems besides this (seems to be pretty stable to me so far overall).

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