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Originally Posted by k2r
Phillips is owner of the patent and though iRex is a Phillips spin-off I doubt that iRex will be the only company Phillips is willing to sell displays to.

At the very moment we have Hanlin, iRex, Sony and soon Hitachi building epaper devices. There will be more companys soon. The iLiad's Hardware is not very exotic, there's only the great display and then the wacom tablet.

iRex' iLiad could become the omnipresent WRT54G among ebook-devices if they let people adapt the device to their needs. But I think that the timeframe for this to happen is not bigger than maybe another year.
Unfortunately the iLiad's resemblance with WRT54G is minimal:

First of all WRT54G is a VERY CHEAP device that can be made into a very powerful router/firewall etc.(iLiad is everything BUt cheap)

Secondly Linksys seems not to mind people messing with the device (something iRex seems to have a problem about)

Thirdly the WRT54G is omnipresent because it is CHEAP (imo thats the most important reason) and a LOT of people have laptops and multiple computers;

I do hope that the iLiad will be the next WRTG54, but i doubt it.
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