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Question Worst Review Ever?

I have just watched a video review of the new Cool-er reader on the Telegraph website (, and I have to say it is one of the worst reviews I have ever seen. It is reviewing a device for British consumers and compares it with only two devices, the iRex Iliad and the Kindle, one which is far higher specced (and priced) than the item being reviewed, and the other not being available in the UK, the review doesn't mention useability or even the diret competition to the Cool-er, i.e. the Sony PRS-505, the BeBook or any other similar readers out there.
I have looked on the Telegraph website for somewhere to leave feedback for them, but failed to find anything, but thought I would warn people of the review and also ask if anyone else has seen a particularly bad, ill-informed or otherwise useless review of an ebook reader. I have been looking to buy a reader for some time, but now find myself not knowing whether I can trust so called "professional" reviews.
Conversely, if anyone knows of any particularly good reviews of any readers (ideally available in the UK, or importable without loosing functionality) I would be very grateful.


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