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Calibre - An excellent program, but no thanks

Hello everyone,
I've been lurking for a long, long time, but finally decided to register and provide my 2 cents regarding calibre.

First of all, I just want to say 'thank you' to the author for all the effort he has put into it, for releasing it to the public for free, and for the frequent updates. Your software will truly become THE benchmark for all eBook management organization (if it's not already).

So, what's with the title? I just downloaded the latest [stable 0.5*] release of calibre and attempted to read some metadata for a bunch of my files. Calibre decided to rearrange ALL of the folders/naming structure of my eBooks, which (dare I say) annoyed me greatly, creating duplicate entries which took a little time to remove. I also noticed, the absolutely horrid directory structure calibre used. Good lord... Name of book/Author/ To make things worse, there is no way to change this behavior. Calibre is configurable in every other fashion I can think of except this:

Why doesn’t calibre let me store books in my own directory structure?

The whole point of calibre‘s library management features is that they provide an interface for locating books that is much more efficient than any possible directory scheme you could come up with for your collection. Indeed, once you become comfortable using calibre‘s interface to find, sort and browse your collection, you wont ever feel the need to hunt through the files on your disk to find a book again. By managing books in its own directory struture of Author -> Title -> Book files, calibre is able to achieve a high level of reliability and standardization.

That is why I have decided to "boycott" Calibre until the user the is given the choice. I hope the author considers these pleas.

Also to consider:
-Saving settings in .INI for portable mode. (I know about config dir option command via shortcut)
-Allowing to choose location of database/settings location.

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