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it is frustrating that the device supports cards that have capacity for numbers of books that its software cannot support properly. your software is far better in this than theirs is, but it is still falling short of the mark.

I understand that these are XML files that are being generated and then supplied to the appropriate folders on the device in order for the device to generate the menus and collections.

is there any way to have a copy of the generated XML files stored in a folder on my machine as well as transferred to the device so that I can manually copy them into the correct directories or at least check them for correctness in the event of an issue?

That in itself would go a long way towards solving this delemma.

I have a feeling that there is an issue with the software actually on the device overwriting these files or perhaps timing out the connection after a certain time in the transfer. I would imagine that the collection XML for 470 books would be fairly large (especially since I have them quite often having between 2 and 5 tags per book for better separation).

I created an XML generator to test the theory and I would really like to see the results of the collection XML. My generator goes by folder and generates an xml entry for every PDF file within any of the folders recursively, it does not handle the generation of collections.

What language is your software written in?

Any suggestions?
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