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I just want to report successful battery replacement for Book Edition. I used the same batteries as jharker.
I want to add few notes:
- The original batteries are not soldered in traditional way (can't be unsoldered with soldering iron), so the pipes of the old batteries have to be cut.
- when soldering, use tip that is about 1.5 mm, the smaller tips will not heat well the battery pipes and the board contacts (on the battery controller board)
- the length of the cable that connects the battery controller board to the main board is exact match for the original batteries size. Since the new batteries are longer, you have to be careful how much of the length of the battery pipes is left when soldering add how the battery board is bend over the batteries.

- Without jharker's patch, the battery meter showed completely drained battery (as in laozhang case, however, when i applied the patch (i do have the dev pack & ssh installed), the meter show full, but the LED was red, so i charged until the led turned
off, opened the case and mesure the the voltage. It was 4.15 V (on both batteries.) When i got the batteries, the voltage was 3.80 V and they got recharged in about 4 hours.

One strange thing: one of the batteries during the charging was warm (about 40 C) and the other was cool. I don't know the reason for this, since the they had exactly the same charge (3.80V), but it seems that is ok (the first charge cycle passed ok)

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