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Ghosting on the librié

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased a brand new Librié off the Internet and am pleased to say that I'm really very happy with the device.

I had however this minor hipcup and was wondering if anyone else experienced the same symptons. While I had been prepared for a bit of Ghosting of the text and images on the screen, I realised that after 2 days of use, the ghosting for some strange reason become more pronounced. Or rather, perhaps more accurately, the parts of the screen which had not been used to display any image at all started to get darker. This made the areas, like for instance the Librié startup screen logo, after it had been displayed and erased appear to be "whiter" than the rest of the screen.

Worried that it might be a defective screen, and wondering why it happens, I created an ebook with two pages one entirely black and the other entirely white and discovered to my relief that the screen upon displaying the two pages reverted back to it's original state.

Since I'm really new at this I was wondering if anyone else has had a similiar experience.
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