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Device: Bebook, Cybook or eSlick?
@HarryT: I'm not sure how important reading PDFs is atm. My wife rarely reads them, and I wouldn't mind being able to read PDFs & CHMs, but it's no dealbreaker right now. otoh, being able to read a software manual without sitting at a computer wouldn't be horrible. I personally want something with a larger screen, like a DX.

@Sweetpea: People's opinions on design are funny. I find K1's aesthetics completely indefensible but others seem to love it. K2's a big improvement, but it looks like they're trying to ape Apple. And I'm not a huge Apple fan, due to the cult that seems to consume its' users. A touchscreen, otoh, would be brilliant. My wife has 12" Thinkpad tablet that cost us $800 or so used. I haven't had a moment to sit outside & read and a tablet would be much better than say a netbook.

@jsadd: I live in Costa Rica, so there will be some lag time between shipping from Amazon & receiving since I either have to bring it back myself or have someone bring it down. Either way, the chances of returning it within 30 days are slim since shipping costs out of CR, using DHL or FedEx, would be costly.

No one's really trying to talk me out of a Kindle though - there must be SOMEBODY here who can try! I'll say the one thing that really stands out for Amazon is the cost of Kindle books relative to other ebooks. Say I got an EZ Reader for ~$230, it would take some 20-ish books and I'd have paid the difference in price for a Kindle. Hmm. That would be like 2 yrs and maybe prices would've dropped by then as publishers come to their senses and stop lying to us. Maybe I should just keep going with this and talk myself out of it :-P

Researching the availability of books & costs for a proper comparison, will post results...
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