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This P.W. article piqued my cusiosity and certainly had my dander up for a moment. I have discussed the issue within the PGTL and found out some of what is going on.

PDM is undergoing a category reorg at the moment. Gay and Lesbian titles have been moved to the Relationships and Sexuality category. I have asked them to reconsider that move because I believe the titles actually belong seperate from Relationships and Sexuality in most instances.

In terms of removing titles, I have not seen this. Perhaps they have removed Erotic titles that would normally require proof of age to purchase in a regular store. If you look at the R&S category though, you will find the first title listed is "Sexual Fitness".

As far as people leaving the company, well, I see that as a normal event. As companies are sold and purchased, often times previous management leave or get laid off.

Thank you for pointing out this article. I was quite concerned at first, but now that I know a bit of what's behind recent changes, I feel confident nothing dubious is going on.

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