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Talk me out of a Kindle ;-)

I *think* the Kindle 2 is the way to go for me. Or rather us since the device would be shared with my wife. I myself would go for a DX for the bigger screen, but she wants the ability to read one-handed in bed.

Just looking at the newish books we want to read, the Kindle wins out. Reading pdfs and stuff would be a bonus but we want a e-reader for new books. Kindle seems to have more books at overall better prices - I just checked earlier for a book that was $25 on Mobipocket and $14 on Amazon.

Now I live outside the US, so no Whispernet for me. The Amazon account is all US based so buying/downloading should not be any problem. Aside from that, what are compelling reasons not to buy a Kindle, or not the buy one right now?

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