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Hello everyone,

Iíd like to clarify the following question:

1. Why donít we provide V2 to the customers on time?

In China, we donít want V2 to affect the sales of V8 in our local market, because in China nobody would like to pay more 50 dollars to buy a product only for supporting PDF and DOC formats.

In Europe and USA, we donít have enough confidence. We are a company which good at designing. Therefore we have not enough confidence in sales volume and remote after service. Now only some amateurs of ebook device from Europe and USA want to purchase V2 product, while the OEM and ODM cooperators in discussing havenít shown the enough confidence as well. All these are more complicated than we expected before.

But we still welcome the all cooperators to contact us, especially OEM and ODM cooperators.

2. The products roadmap of 2007

The new products of 2007 declared on our website are just a primary plan, which arenít finally decided. Weíd like to hear the comments from all of you, which can help us to improve the products.。


We will provide the SDK of all of our products based on Linux OS, not only provide it to OEM and ODM, but also to personal cooperators. But the cooperators need to sign a cooperation agreement with us, which will relate to the management of version and DRM.

As the global leading eReader manufacturer, Jinke Company try its best to continue to promote the new products in the next several years, and provide a safe, reliable and cheap platform to the cooperators. In 2008, we will promote the color ePaper product. Color, High Speed, Open and Communication are our directions. Linux OS will be our main OS. We will take the responsibilities in eReader career.

Thank you all.
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