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Auto delete of news feeds

It took a while to figure out but Calibre has proven very useful in my quest to move a lot of my ebook collection from my HD to my new Kindle 2 and clean up my library besides.

An especially appreciated find was the news subscription section. The only problem is that I got carried away and daily grab about 20 sites. However, regardless of setting I can't get Calibre to auto-delete the old versions of these things. While deleting them is quick on the computer I tend to sit and delete about 20 of these buggers by hand on the Kindle every day! Kinda stupid and kinda slow (can you tell I'm retired?)! I have the setting selected to delete downloads more than 1 day old. However, it just doesn't seem to do it

Is there a bug here or am I misunderstanding how it works?

It just occurred to me that I left the time for download as midnight exactly. I wonder if this causes a code bug?

Ah well, any suggestions or advice would be appreciated for an otherwise terrific code set.

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