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Where to buy or find ebooks (epubs) in Portugese language

Hi everybody!

My friend and I own the Sony PRS-505 since some weeks and we really love it.

At the moment we stay in Portugal for two weeks for some projects we have to do. A Portugese friend of us, who will have birthday very soon, saw our ebook-readers and really was thrilled to see them. Now we consider to give him one as a birthday-gift. - We would most likely order it from Great Britain, as with a reader from Germany he would have a German firmware and software, which wouldn't be a good solution for him. English firmware would be fine. (I don't know if the Sony PRS-505 is also available in Portugal with Portugese firmware in the meantime and where we could buy it here (Algarve), so ordering one in GB seems to be a good idea so far.)

But if we might give him this gift, we also should provide him with some information, where he could find ebooks (epubs) in Portugese language, either actual literature he could buy or classical literature he could download for free.

Does anyone have some links and suggestions, concerning that?

Thank you in advance and greetings - at the moment from Portugal,
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