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roots commandline is a ninja-razorblade-knife

Firstly: I'm _very_ happy about this move, it makes me use my iLiad without getting angry about it's parents again and I hope it has a bright future now.

There are quite some people here who are not experienced administrators of Unix-like systems and for those the shell's commandline is a very new tool.

It would be very sad if people started bricking their devices now.
So please please be very very careful. Root's commandline is a very sharp tool with no "undo"-button. You can cut off all your fingers up to your toes in a single, accidental move (eg: an additional letter or period).
Read every instruction very careful, understand it and if you eg. start writing shell scripts consider what might go wrong will go wrong.

(From someone whos script erased /dev on a important server 13 years ago...)

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