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Red face Please Help, I am ignorant

Hello dear friends,
this is my first post, so please be gentle .

I am enthralled by the ebook technology, so I think I MUST have one.
I am sick of carrying half a dozen of books, refenrence guides, plus labtop and printouts!

But I have a couple of questions. Questions I could not answer by reading this forum (I know I am an I diot!).

1.) Can I take notes on both systems? (Sony+Illiad)

1.1) If yes, only handwritten? Or can I use other input devices?

2.)Can I manypulate Word or Excell files?

3.)Can I browse the internet?

3.1) If yes, can I also use online Word or Excell services, or check mail?

My problem , as you can see,is that I am sick of using my huge labtop and that I also dont think that those new UltraSmall Samsung quasi thingies are worth a dime.
I realized that I dont even need a colour display to do most of my work on the road, sad but true!
It would be just perfect if one of you guys could tell me that there is a machine out there that could aid me!

Thanks in avance
and best regards
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