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Question Is "sun fading" static or dynamic?

Originally Posted by SanAntone View Post
My Kindle fades in the sun...even after about one minute. Very have to turn a page and then it is partially faded. Turn another one and it significantly fades. Doesn't matter how hot it is. Move it immediately into the shade and turn a page and it's fine.
I'm trying to understand the behavior that's generally described as "sun fading". I think the use of "fading" in the progressive tense makes me uncertain whether it's a dynamic or a static behavior.

The first sentence quoted above mentions time, which initially caused me to envision an image that was acceptable in lesser light but, when brought into the sun, slowly faded. The second sentence mentions turning pages, which implies that one statically displayed page doesn't fade over time, but that successive pages are incrementally more faded. The last sentence reinforces the idea that it's not a static behavior by implying that a sun-faded image, when brought into the shade, does not un-fade over time, but successive pages are incrementally less faded.

So, am I right in guessing that "sun fading" refers to successive pages becoming more and more faded, and not to a single page slowly fading away?

My K2 doesn't seem to exhibit such fading, either static or dynamic. If it's suspected that turning pages in bright sunlight is the cause, I'm curious whether turning pages "in the dark" (e.g., while hugging the screen to your body, or with the Kindle turned around so the back faces the sun) could avoid it. Does anybody with a sun-fading Kindle care to test and report?

If it really is the heat and not the light, that's harder to work around.
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