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Hardware Geek

Hi everyone!

I'm pretty new to these forums, but I've been mobile reading for years. I'm a 30-yr old hardware geek, living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I started out with a Palm Professional, back when they were state of the art, then a Palm Vx, then a Sony Clie TJ35. After the Sony I moved on to a Sharp Zaurus 860 - a clamshell PDA from Japan, running Linux with an absolutely *gorgeous* 640x480 screen and a qwerty keyboard. My current Z is a 3100 - which added a 4gb HD and USB Host - essentially a true "palmtop" computer. I've also since upgraded my phone to a Treo650, so I still have a palm device around.

I've also got a few "regular" mini laptops - Libretto 50M, Libretto 110CT, Panasonic Toughbook M34 mk1 (the Fully Armoured version). My current every day carry is a Libretto U100.

As far as readers are concerned, I've always read ebooks, sometimes on Palm, mostly on the computer. The Zaurus, with the screen rotated into tablet form, makes a very good reader (3.7" VGA display).

I first came across the Librie in October 2004 on a trip to Japan, and was absolutely blown away by the screen. I almost brought one home with me, despite the fact that I couldn't do anything with it yet. (Turns out it would take over 7mo for the unit to be cracked ) With the announcement of the Sony reader in January I was ecstatic - finally I'd get to get one. Or not, as Sony decided to tie the reader to their store, and only distribute in the US.

All of the flurry of reader news got me itching anyway, so I broke down and ordered a Librie - which, for me, has the bonuses of Japanese support and better availability to Canada. It's in the mail as we speak, and I'm chomping at the bit to see if it lives up to my 2yr-old memories of what it was like
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