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Originally Posted by jsuplido
Thanks for the info neilm2. I've just downloaded Hacker Crackdown. It's in .lrf (which is my first encounter with this type of format )

tcv, baby steps. If the publishers see a demand for Sony Reader format books then we'd get new books soonest. The Sony Readers is not yet that quite known by others. Right now, I'm also trying to contact Fictionwise to see if they'd even consider the Sony format.
Please do that. The more people that let them know they have a Sony Reader the better. They mention this on the Fictionwise yahoo group at:

They say:

We have a Sony unit on order now. We don't know whether or not the
licenses allow us to support the device directly, or what software
support there is from Sony to convert content to the device. We'll find
out when we receive ours. I don't think they're shipping until later
this month. Fictionwise is committed to supporting any device that
achieves reasonable market penetration, as long as it is technically
feasible and not contractually or legally forbidden to do so. Given that
Sony is a major player in consumer electronics, we of course want to
support it if possible.

-Steve P.

I emailed them and let them know that there is no conversion software included with the Sony Reader itself. I mentioned that there was some conversion software on the Librie group, but I didn't know very much about it, myself. Plus I do not know if Sony would mind if Fictionwise would sell their multiformat books in the BBeB format.

If any Sony people read this, I would hope that they would let others sell at least non-DRM BBeB books.

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