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Calibre only detects one of two memory cards (PRS-505 and PRS-700)

Hi everybody!

I've a problem with the memory cards, detected under Calibre.

Using a Sony PRS-505 or PRS-700 you have two Card-Slots: one for a SD-card and one for a Memory Stick Pro-Card.

I use both of the slots, as I have splitted my books into collections, some saved at the internal memory, some saved at the Memory Stick, some saved at the SD-Card so that there is everywhere enough space for my library to grow .

But Calibre doesn't detect both of the cards at one time. If I have both of them in, Calibre only detects the Memory Stick. Only if I remove the Memory Stick it detects the SD-Card.

Is this a problem which is known already and will be fixed with the new version?

Thank you, take care,
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