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Originally Posted by ericshliao View Post
One question:
You said that you used "gparted", right? IIRC, there is no gparted for iLiad on the shelf. Did you build a iLiad port? I ask this question just out of curiosity.
you know, I didn't. There were only two options in gparted: sda and sdb. sda was obviously my HDD, so I supposed the other was iLiad.

I don't know what I did, I just am glad it's working again.

Shaggy, I know, now I realize, after reading what you guys wrote on the thread. I tend to like to fuss with stuff more than my knowledge would normally allow me to, so this stuff ends up happening. I didn't think of using fstab to see the partitions. I though looking at whatever gparted showed was good enough!

Thanks again for all the tips on how to fix it. I'm still trying to understand the whole mobi issue, so I wanna try installing fbreader. I'm sure I'll break something else then.
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