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Originally Posted by wallcraft View Post
There is an on-line man page. See also Kindle Mobi2Mobi Vista/XP, which includes screenshots that show "item: 401 - ClippingLimit", and Mobi2Mobi Advanced. The results of the commands should also be the same on a Mac or under Linux.

To see the limit, use mobi2mobi with no options:
mobi2mobi ebook.azw
this prints out all the EXTH records as well as other stuff. The ClipingLimit is in Hex. For example I saw 0xa (10), 0x1e (30) and 0x64 (100) in three AZWs. You can use Google to convert: search for "0x1e to decimal".

The Mobi2Mobi Advanced page gives examples of changing an EXTH record using --exthtype and --exthdata. Another option, perhaps easier, is to delete an EXTH record, for example:
mobi2mobi "Book.azw" --outfile "Book-EXTH.azw" --delexthtype TYPE
will delete the EXTH record of type TYPE. The number might work for TYPE or its name in lowercase.

Thank you so much. I see the clipping limit now. I tried it on one of the out-of-copyright freebie books that Amazon provides. Amazon attached a clipping limit of 10.
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