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Confused with the new releases coming out now

ok so with these new releases coming out soon, I've started to become confused again even though I was all decided on Bookeen's Cybook Gen 3.

Mobipocket vs. ePub...what's the difference? Which has more books? Which is cheaper? I mostly read literary fiction... contemporary award winners and classics... stuff like that

-> newest version of bookeen ebook reader
-> rumours of it having native pdf reader (very good for my articles I have to read for school)
-> nice design
->flips to landscape mode with motion sensor
-> 1GB storage

Other (stuff that I'm not sure if it's good or bad):
->supports ePub

-> no firm release date set, just sometime in June. No idea when or it Canada would be able to order it
-> no idea what type of case or if it will even have a case
-> pricing not announced
-> not much info announced except that it is pocket size (which doesn't really matter to me.. i don't want something tiny but as long as it still has a 6" screen... would like to know how many levels of grayscale)
-> rumours that it might not support SD cards

-> 8 Layers of grayscale
-> Price (250 US, more here in Canada, but still will end up being less than Cybook Gen 3)
-> Reads PDFs
-> Fun colours
-> Can use SD Cards
-> 1 GB storage

-> can get case but unsure of look, price, material, etc
-> ePub
-does it have folder support or not?

-> not really sure yet but things in the other section could be con
-> When will canadians be able to order? How much will shipping cost? I am eager to know when Canadians could get this device.. afraid it'll be backordered by the time we get at it

Cybook Gen 3

-> already know how people like it (most really enjoy it!)
-> Really nice case that is around the same price as other ones for ebook readers
-> nice design
-> reads pdfs
-> SD slots

Mobi instead of ePub?
4 layers of grayscale (does this matter?)

-> older model with firmware not being constantly released
-> no folder support (yet as I said I'm not sure how annoying this would be)

Is anything missing here? There is a lot I don't know so if anyone can fill in the blanks for me, especially about mobi vs epub, i'd very much appreciate it.

I'm starting to think I should maybe wait for the release for one of these new readers, but if anyone can advise otherwise, that would be amazing.

I'm willing to spend the extra money for the Cybook Gen 3 if it's the best, but if I decide to get a cheaper option I might buy it sooner!
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