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rogue_ronin has learned how to read e-booksrogue_ronin has learned how to read e-booksrogue_ronin has learned how to read e-booksrogue_ronin has learned how to read e-booksrogue_ronin has learned how to read e-booksrogue_ronin has learned how to read e-booksrogue_ronin has learned how to read e-books
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Okay, thanks for the link, I've started to read the tutorial on CSS.

I've found this example of a 1.1 header elsewhere:
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
I'll use it for now, until I know more.

I understand about using Calibre. That makes a lot of sense as a way to just get it done quickly and adequately.

'Course, I'm goin' all ballistic on this right now...

So, looking at my first post, and my second long post, and a new idea or two here's my proposed start of a new file with good meta-info (using the old data, and faking where necessary):

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"">
<html xmlns="">


<title>A Princess of Mars</title>


<!-- Created on 20/May/2004 -->
<!-- Revision # 0.10 on 30/Jun/2004 -->
<!-- Revision # 0.20 on 28/Dec/2004 -->
<!-- Revision # 0.40 on 13/Apr/2005 -->
<!-- Revision # 0.70 on 30/Sep/2006 -->
<!-- Current Revision # 0.80 on 18/May/2009 -->



<meta name="filename" content="APrincessOfMars">
<meta name="fileid" content="FoundText0085">
<meta name="filecreationdate" content="20/May/2004">
<meta name="fileversion" content="0.80">
<meta name="filerevisiondate" content="18/May/2009">
<meta name="filesource" content="University of Virginia Electronic Text Center">
<meta name="filescanner" content="Judy Boss">
<meta name="fileproofer" content="Kelly Tetterton, Peter-John Byrnes, Found Text">

<meta name="title" content="A Princess of Mars">
<meta name="subtitle" content="Barsoom #01">
<meta name="series" content="Barsoom">
<meta name="seriesnumber" content="01">
<meta name="genre" content="Science Fiction::General">

<meta name="author" content="Edgar Rice Burroughs">
<meta name="authorlast" content="Burroughs">
<meta name="authorfirst" content="Edgar">
<meta name="authormiddle" content="Rice">
<meta name="authoralpha" content="Burroughs, Edgar Rice">

<meta name="illustrator" content="Frank Frazetta"
<meta name="illustratorlast" content="Frazetta">
<meta name="illustratorfirst" content="Frank">
<meta name="illustratormiddle" content="">
<meta name="illustratoralpha" content="Frazetta, Frank">

<meta name="publisher" content="Found Text">
<meta name="publicationdate" content="08/July/2010">
<meta name="publicationcity" content="Honolulu">

<meta name="copyrightholder" content="">
<meta name="copyrightdate" content="">

<meta name="isbn" content="">


So, a lot cleaner than what I started with. Title, CreationDate and RevisionDate are repeated, but that seems reasonable to me: I think that whatever parser you might use on the meta shouldn't have to make an exception for the title, and I still think that a doc history makes sense at the top.

If there are more than one author or illustrator, append ## to the name attribute: ie, author01, for the 2nd author, illustrator03 for the 4th illustrator. I think 100 authors and illustrators is enough. Let the parser figure it out. Or should I start with author01? Or author00? I don't think so, but...

The only inconsistency this leaves is with the proofer: I can't see a reason though why you might need more than a simple, comma-separated list. Can anyone?

And, I guess, sometimes publishers have more than one city -- but a simple list would do there, too, wouldn't it?

All dates in dd/mmm/yyyy format. Use leading 0's for all numbers less than 10.

I really do appreciate any input to this typing-out-loud, thanks,

m a r
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