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Getting Title & Author Displayed by Connect Reader and Sony Reader

I am, a newby-first week with Sony reader-love it except for format issues with carriage returns and font size (extra CRs and type too small).

I have some books in .rtf when I first tried to transfer/copy them to the reader, the title wasn't shown in Connect Reader (on Win XP) and instead of the correct author being shown, it showed my name in a format I typically use to register software during install of all kinds of software.

I have tried to use Book Designer to mark the title and to mark the real author correctly (Book Designer has a Corrector feature that I think does that).

I highlight the title then click on the the button label marked "title" and do same similarly for author. If I then save the document as a .rtf (same fotmat as original) I might get the title to show in Connect Reader but as large bold font, and no author is displayed. If I use Book Designer to convert from .rtf to .lrf ( the Sony Format that BookDesigner supports) I still get similar problems of title & author missing or incorrectly shown. If this is the wrong forum to ask for help using BookDesigner as tool to prepare book for Sony Reader-please excuse. All I am trying to do is get Connect Reader to display Title and Author correctly.
Is there another program that I should be using other than BookDesigner 4.0 with 05/06 updates?
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