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For classics like Pearl S. Buck's books?

Hi! I've been trying to decide on which device would work best for me and have poured over the wealth of information this wonderful site provides.

I have narrowed things down from a cost, performance, etc. standpoint, but now I want to make sure I buy something that can easily download the type of books I prefer to read.

While I do read bestsellers such as he Twighlight series and Michael J. Fox's new book I mostly read Asian-inspired novels such as Amy Tan (read them all), LOVE Pearl S. Buck, Lisa See, Anchee Min, etc. (and always seeking more) as well as Steinbeck and others. I also love biographies, memoirs, and anything well-written.

I've looked on the Amazon Kindle book lists for Pearl S. Buck and found none. Maybe I should cross the Kindles (gosh, that sounds cute!) off my list of possibilities and go for one of the Sonys (505 or 700)??

Does anyone have experience with these types of books?

Cheers & thanks!

BTW, how do you attach a signature (or current book read) to your posts?
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