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Well, I just use the $45,000 Canon Copy/Scan machine with ADF at my office... heh. Drop the whole book in the feeder (after cutting of course) and it scans the entire thing duplex in a matter of mintues with rarely a misfeed (and 600dpi to boot).

Plenty of resolution to run through ReadIRIS and get accurate results sent to an RTF.


On that same note, I find that ReadIRIS for MAC has done a much better job at OCR than Paperport/Omnipage/etc. ever did. If nothing else, it lets me draw text and graphic "zones" and sort them in the order I want them in the finished RTF. It also has a "learning" feature that I never could find in the other programs (though I admit I was never that motivated to search for the feature before).

Works great for scanning complex layed out pages -- I have converted many of my mother's knitting patterns to electronic copies on her reader so she doesn't have to lug the large books around (in that case I hand scanned the pages, since I didn't want to destroy the book). Draw a graphic zone around the charts (so it doesn't try and make a funky looking table), sort all side bar notes into the first zones, and then put the remaining pattern sections in the other zones.

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