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Originally Posted by Bob Russell

My only concern would be (and for me it's very important) that it still slides into the dock without having to be removed. I like the dock, and I don't like frequently clipping/unclipping the fastener on the back of the case.

Like Yvan hints at, I'm sure there will be some nice third party covers if the Reader continues to be popular. And people who will spend $350 on a Reader device, probably are a great market for sophisticated looking upscale leather covers also. Anyone listening?.... <hint> <hint> It's a great market opportunity!!!!
I have the brown leather cover and I have no problem fitting it into the stand with the cover on (with the clear insert removed).

I do agree with you that a higher end cover would be nicer. This cover has a suede like finish and is fairly rough on the inside. May look the worse for the wear after a while. There is no screen protection beyond the "native" stiffness of the cover itself.

Other considerations:
- the cover is fairly heavy and almost doubles the weight of the "naked" reader
- the mount on mine is about 2 degrees off so the reader is slightly out of alignment. A nit to be sure but irritating to an "A" type

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