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As long as you don't redistribute it, I don't think there's any harm in removing the Gutenberg headers... I do that all the time for the files I load onto the reader so I don't have to page-page-page through it with every book. So I guess I hope there's no harm, anyway, since I don't then distribute them.

As for the best format... so far I'm finding RTF to be best because:
  • it supports text formatting (txt clearly doesn't)
  • it resizes nicely in S/M/L text modes (I always enlarge the text late at night when I'm tired)
  • it has the proper metadata to list title and author in the book list

I converted some of my (non-protected) Dr. Who lit files (free from the BBC) to html using convertlit, then merged & converted the html to pdf using htmldoc... is there a way, does anyone know, to convert html to RTF similarly? I was loading the html up in Open Office, then doing a copy/paste into another OO doc and saving it as RTF - just a little labour-intensive... when you open HTML in OO it doesn't let you simply "save as" RTF for some reason...
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