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Confused over product codes - please help : )

I am really wanting to buy a sony e reader and like another poster on here, I was planning to buy it from because, as of yesterday it was 179.99.

I went on today to buy it to find it has gone back up to 199.99 so I started to check web prices all over again. And this time, I noticed that each shop gave the sony 505s a slightly different product code.

For example, the sony e reader on play is called PRS - 505 - SC and the spec says it has a battery life of 6800 page turns.

Whereas on the sony site, its e reader code is PRS 505 S - CEW with a battery life of 7500 page turns.

So this has totally confused me! Can anyone tell me:

Is the model sold on play (which provides a free accessory) an older model? Is the one on Sony is an updated version with longer battery life?

Or are they one and the same?

Can anyone please advise?

Thanks so much
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