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DixieGal, I have not downloaded another book yet but I will when I get home from work today. I did go back to ebookwise to see if I could download the book again from my bookshelf but I don't see where to do that. I shows the book that I bought but it does not give me an option as to downloading the same book again. I will try a free one today and see what happens.

Also I was unable to download the book using the usb for some reason it would not link up even though I have registered and everything. Well, in my haste I figured I would try the phone line to try. It linked up right away once I connected my phone land line. Needless to say; I should have checked to see what that area code went to instead of just assuming that it was a toll free number. Turns out that 868 area code is in Tribeck which when I called the phone company I found out that the time spent downloading that book will cost me 4.30 a min. Thats right. Multiply that by the 30 min or more that it took for the book to download and its obvious that I got screwed. Big time.
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