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SD Card behaviour

Hi all.

I haven't seen this mentioned in this thread, so I thought I would make an observation about memory card usage.

I was doing fine for the first 48 hours, loading up files on an SD card for consumption on the Reader.

Then, over the weekend, I decideed to add a couple of reference texts to the reader, and, while happily bookmarked in a gutenburg .rtf book, I popped the card, added in the (tech-weenie) document and powered up the Reader. Lo and behold, all that was there was a blank screen. I had to hit the reset pinhole to get my reader back. This happened a few times over the weekend. I just tried an experiment, and, it appears that you need to exit any 'current document' prior to removing/replacing the memory cards. Even if the document you were reading is still on the card, and nothing has been done except to add a new file or two to the card.

I've been through the user guide and didn't see any mention of this, and I'm happy to be corrected if this isn't the case, but I thought I'd report it, since it drove me rather nuts for a few days.


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