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This failure of Sony Connect to launch for me under Parallels is really, really weird!

I have a MacBook (laptop) as well as a Mac Pro (desktop). Same version of Parallels installed on each (build 1940).

After my problems getting Sony Connect running on the Mac Pro's Parallels, I went to the MacBook's Parallels and it installed and ran just fine.

Okay, no problem, I figured it was something about the other Windows installation that was screwing with Sony's software, so I copied the MacBook Parallel's fully working image over to the Mac Pro. That is, the equivalent of moving a hard drive into another computer. Every program, every DLL was identical.

And guess what? Back on the Mac Pro, Sony Connect ***still*** won't launch!

It seems to be the Mac Pro causing the issue...

Very strange. I'm going to thoroughly check all the Preference settings now. There has to be some difference other than the hardware, no?

Which Intel-based Mac are you running, jmdor?
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