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Originally Posted by sartori
Should I increase the distance between paragraphs or decrease it?
As you're using InDesign, check the paragraph format, the Indents and Spacing tab, and make sure that Space before and Space After are both zero (0p0). That way, paragraphs will be separated by leading only (unless you're using a frame that stretches them later...)

I wasn't sure about the CAPS text, I thought it should be in italics but I didn't want to change the text too much from the original guttenberg.
Project Gutenberg has, earlier at least, avoided all kinds of markup, such as identification of italics, small caps, boldface, etc. Thus, upper case has often been used instead of such markup. But I see it is beginning to change: at least some books now use _..._ around text in italics.

Same thing with accented characters -- the accent is typically just dropped, I think. Bad for foreign language words, or quotations. Gutenberg texts available as HTML gets this right, I think. I recall a thread over at about this -- you might want to check it out for ideas:

(or go there, search for 'Gutenberg HTML' and look for author Branko Collin, in case the link isn't permanent.)
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