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Originally Posted by sartori
I've just finished converting over a gutenberg text to a pdf. I've aimed at getting it to look as similar to a purchased ebook as far as font size and layout.
You might want to consider using line spacing also between paragraphs -- it helps keeping the page calm. I get the feel that paragraphs are trying to run away down the page, and flipping to the next page usually makes the lower lines 'move' because they're not aligned. Using line spacing would probably also help keeping the verses of the poetry together better.

For closer polishing, look over all words in the text that are in CAPITALS. They are usually (not always) words that make better sense in italics. HISPANIOLA, for instance, was certainly in italics in the original text. (The first word of every chapter, on the other hand, was probably set in initial capital followed by small caps originally -- and that should be doable with a Pro typeface.) That goes for almost all Gutenberg texts -- at least the older ones.
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