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sartori began at the beginning.
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I used Adobe Garamond Pro - Semi-bold, size 17pt, leading 20.4pt for the body of the text.

The nice thing with this font family it it includes regular, italic, semi-bold, semi-bold italic, bold and bold italic. I find the semi-bold and bold work the best on the reader - the regular is just a little too light.

I've been playing around with acrobat this afternoon and I think I've figured out how to add links to the table of contents that can jump to the start of each chapter. I'll add those in the next book I create.

I'm hoping for an automated way to format the books (i'm watching the other threads) as this one took about an hour to layout manually.

Finally, my page setup was :

Width : 5.24in Height 6.69in
Margins : Top 0.5in Left 0.5in Right 0.5in Bottom 0.25in

The frame for the header text is 4.24in Wide 0.2667in High and is placed at x 2.62in y 0.2in.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Any suggestions for which book I should convert next?
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