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heavyB began at the beginning.
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I could definatly add more info to the use of this app, good pointer Bob.

It did take a .NET update on my XP and I had to trackdown the opensource version of HTMLdoc. I do admit to being a nerd for a living too, so this might be a bit more daunting for others.

After getting it all together, I tried the app and didn't think it worked, but on a reboot, it did work. Flawlessly.

I'll see if I can't backtrack my steps and provide some links if others are having a problem getting this going. (pipe up if you are)

The real strenth of this app is the Table of contents it builds. It seperates each RSS site and gives a sub table of contents for that selection. I wasn't even aware the Reader would do this until I used RSS2Book. Then, once viewing, each article in the feed is well formatted, with what appears to be a solid effort to lenth each article justify when possible. Too cool.
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