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Thanks for the suggestion. Looking at the previous pictures of the item, I am almost certain that a different case was sent to him... It would be too much hassle to send it back, etc etc for something this cheap, so either I'll use it with some modifications (e.g., without the cover) or just keep it for something else.

In the mean time, I'll check the computer stores for the case idea you mentioned. Do you happen to have pictures of your case?


Originally Posted by Stitchawl View Post
Sorry to hear that it didn't work for you.
Try one of the larger computer stores in your area and look at the clamshell covers they have for notebook computers. I saw so many different styles, sizes, and shapes when I went looking, both hard case and soft. All shared the same idea though; a case that zipped on three sides, with either rigid molded plastic, thick neoprene, or stiff sorbothane as the case material.

Several of the rigid molded plastic cases fit my 505, but I wanted something that I could modify to have an open top so I went with the neoprene and sorbothane cases. If you don't mind having a zipper on three sides, and want some solid protection, the rigid plastic cases looked pretty nice.

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