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Originally Posted by Andybaby View Post
Here is a smattering of authors i Like, you can find a whole lot more in my library thing in my sig
The Mote in gods Eye =Niven
the Acidental time Machine =Haldeman
Old Mans war =Scalzi
Tunnel in the Sky =Heinlein
the stars my destination =bester

though do check out my library thing, especially the 4 stars and above
Thanks for the list ::bookmarked::

Curious - how many of the foundation books have you read? Just the first one? (i see you gave it 4/5 stars, where you gave 5 stars to my other favorites: dune, enders game, ringworld, mote in gods eye). It seems you and I have almost identical taste in sci-fi, with the exception that i may be a bit more obsessed with asimov. If you havent read the first 3 foundation books, I'd add them to your to-do list . The first foundation, for me, was right about 4/5 stars as well. I got done and said 'yeah, that was pretty good. not sure what the big fuss was all about though'. Then I finished the second book, and tried to peel my brains off the wall. Same thing with the third book. Everything from the first book doesnt really reach maturity until the next 2 books.

Feel free to disregard this, of course, if you have read them and just didnt like them as much
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