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Need to reset my Kindle 2

Today my 1 month old Kindle 2 decided not to turn on. When I moved the slider switch to turn it on, nothing happened. The screensaver stayed in place on the screen on the left side and on the right the screensaver image degraded but was still partially visible. I had installed the screensaver hack a couple of weeks ago and the screensaver image on the screen is a custom one I added when I installed the hack.

I can still connect up with USB and when I move the slider bar to turn the unit off or on (hard to tell which mode its in since the screen doesn't change) the right side of the screensaver image flashes a bit and degrades slightly more to the point where it is now almost gone and only some stray pixel dots remain on the gray Kindle screen.

I read on this page about using ALT+SHIFT+R to reset using the keyboard. This did not do anything however.

I also tried to hold the slider switch to the right for > 15 seconds to hard reset the Kindle but nothing appears to happen on screen.

The above web page also mentions that you can reset a Kindle 2 by removing the back cover and gently hitting the reset button or by removing and replacing the battery. However, I can't find anything on the web regarding HOW to remove the back on a Kindle 2 and it isn't obvious.

What I'd like to do is at least try and get the thing to reset and uninstall the screensaver hack before calling Amazon customer service about my problem.

Any constructive suggestions gratefully accepted.
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